Thursday, May 11, 2017

Android App : Free Islamic Digital Tasbeeh / Tasbih Counter without Ads
Demo Video URL :

Free Simple Islamic Tasbeeh Counter / Tasbih Counter, Dhikr Counter without Ads.

Adjust the values added by mistake to Tasbeeh.

Fast and battery efficient.

Created simple so that person can concentrate on Prayer/Dhikr.

Below are the features -
  1. Free, Simple and Minimalist Islamic Tasbeeh Counter  or Tasbih counter.
  2. Remove the count which was added by mistake to Tasbih.
  3. Add/Increment the tasbeeh counter by as many as required
  4. Vibrate on + Button click.
  5. Set Goal and achieve. Display remaining count
  6. Free, No Ads, Always.
  7. Dark background for low power consumption
  8. Big font and Button for easy to use.
  9. No permission required.
  10. Only 1 MB in size

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